Creative Process

Anyone can be excited by creativity, given the right circumstance. My definition of a successful learning experience involves fostering a sense of community, curiosity, and play within the process. I see myself as a facilitator, and aim to create opportunities of creative exploration and expression for those of all backgrounds, regardless of prior artistic experience. As an educator, I value treating others with kindness, as a way of maintaining a safe, positive, respectful, low-anxiety atmosphere. 

Classroom Environment

The student's own perspective is a key piece of the classroom environment; our creative journey is fused with structured skill-building and critical thinking tasks that ask the students to process the world around them. Art has the potential to connect to a variety of subjects, including Science, History, Technology and Current Events. My goal is to create a space where those connections become raw material for inspiration. Achievement is measured in a traditional sense through Core Standards, but also through the level of engagement and enthusiasm held by the group dynamic. 

Beyond the Walls

As I see it, the learning environment extends beyond the borders of the classroom walls, and includes everyone in the surrounding community. Creativity does not happen in a vacuum, and inspiration comes from the diversity found all around us. Internet research projects, fieldtrips, guest speakers, and family outreach are a few ways I expand the scope of the art experience. 



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